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Recently, I came across my old scrapbook containing football articles from my playing days at St. Pauls High School. Each week I would save write-ups from various newspapers. Most articles are from the St. Pauls Review, The Robesonian, and Fayetteville Observer. A few articles are from the News and Observer and our high school student newspaper, Bulldogs Bark.

My scrapbook also contained articles from high school games in which my brothers participated. After graduating from college I accepted a job at Lawrence Academy located in Bertie County in northeastern North Carolina. While at the academy I coached football for five seasons. I also saved articles from this period as well.

Obviously we live in a very different world than that of the fall of 1966 when I was a senior on the St. Pauls Bulldogs championship team. Back then I could never have imagined the articles I was saving could one day be viewed instantly by people all over the world. While these articles will remain meaningless and oblivious to most, I do hope some of my former teammates, and players will enjoy reminiscing about old times.

Joe E. Sherrill
Class of 67 at St. Pauls High School

Links contain newspaper articles and pictures for the football season (with the exception of the link for the 1955 - 1965 seasons).

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